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330° to 360° of celestial longitude

in the order of zodiac signs Pisces, today the moon is in the fourth house – in this house, there is doubt, distrust, fickle mind, food, and sleep interruptions. There is a lack of sexual pleasure, inundation from the public, chest disorder, fear of water. The result of Rahu transiting in the third house, In the third house then the person gets happiness at the end of the day.


If you have any business-related concerns, the problem will go away. If there is a problem due to the employees, that problem will be removed today. Work will be delayed but will be made, work will increase


In the order of zodiac signs Pisces, today you stay focused, move forward with concentration, the sun is transiting in the horoscope, all your work is going to be completed one by one, you will be successful.


If there was a worry regarding the household, you can remove that worry today, if the journey then, but the journey will be hindered, but the journey will be beneficial for you. Do not get angry at anyone unnecessarily, do not let anyone down. If you are shopping today, spend it carefully and thoughtfully, buying something without looking will harm you. If there is any kind of dissatisfaction or misunderstanding in the relationship with the life partner, then try to remove it. Today the unbalanced attitude of the lover will make you worry. May be difficult in a love relationship today.

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