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210° to 240° of celestial longitude

In the order of zodiac signs Scorpio, Moon In the eighth house – in this house, the native has fear, cough, indigestion. Chest disease, breathing disease, dispute, mental discord, money loss, and sudden trouble. The Rahu is transiting In the seventh house, then the person destruction in every way.


The Day is good for business.


If, in any case, the leadership can raise the finger, do not let the speech get bitter, people do not try to degrade them. If you want to change the house today, then you can change the house.


Spend time with the family. Talk about a big problem that will be solved. Transiting sun on your zodiac sign in transit horoscope If you have differences in your life partner, try to overcome it. Take the support of the family’s parents. A relationship with a life partner will be good. Do not make a mess of anything. If need be, seek agreed advice. Social programs can be made carefully. The family will be worried about trusting the lover Make a doubt that the relationship will be broken, give a gift to a lover.


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