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150° to 180° of celestial longitude

In the order of zodiac signs Virgo, Moon is In the tenth house – it is successful. Every work is done easily. Wealth, respect and get benefits from high officials. You get the happiness of the home. You get benefits. The power to give orders comes, can be lost only because of govt issue the Rahu in the ninth house then the person reaches the loss.


Treat your surroundings with people. Be very precise such that the person does not mind the businessman, then you have to work hard in the business that is going on in the normal business. Guru is debilitated but will give relief to you, do not take decisions in business soon.


Do not do any wrong thing, do not let anyone down, and do not use anything new today. If you want success, then be patient whatever unwanted situation has occurred in your lifetime. Let’s try it, it will be settled. You will get help


 If you see it in the case of a love affair, it will be different today, it will be fine later. Spouse will get respect today.

Vaidik Pooja

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