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We provide Monthly Horoscopes for every individual based on surya sakranti also known as the solar revolution which is based on your own constellation transits every mid of the month to the next mid of the month. (eg. 15 December – 14 January).

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Moon has special significance in astrology for monthly prediction in Indian astrology. The birth constellation of man by birth constellation and the 10th, 16th, 19th, and 19th constellations of that person is in pain when they conflict with the planets. In the fourth canto of the Valmiki Ramayana Ayodhyakand, King Dasharatha has said a little before death that astrologers say that my constellation Sun is going to be afflicted by Mars and Rahu, hence the time of any calamity for me is coming soon. If a planet is going to an auspicious position from the lunar position of the Moon in the zodiac at the time of birth, it performs auspicious results. If a planet is going to an inauspicious place, it results in inauspicious.
The monthly prediction based on the transit of planets during the months. For the new viewers who are seeing this horoscope for the first time, let me tell them, this horoscope is based on your birth sign. That is, the zodiac sign where the moon is sitting in your horoscope is your birth sign. If you do not know about your birth sign, then you can see this horoscope based on your nickname.

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