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We, at Vaidik Pooja believe that sciences like astrology and numerology are powerful tools to understand ourselves and others. We provide quality and authentic solutions to problems as prescribed in the sacred texts. We will consult you personally on the medium you prefer.

 We deliver services related to Astrology, daily horoscopes, Complete Kundli vivechana, love matching, and many more. Please do follow us on various social media platforms and do subscribe to the various services provided by Vaidik Pooja.


We, at Vaidik Pooja, offer pure Vedic astrological personal consultation (one to one). We are known for our honesty and accuracy. We never use shortcuts to determine events and always follow authentic classic texts to predict the events. Apart from predicting the events we also discuss how we arrive at such a conclusion before predicting any events by quoting classic principles of Astrology.

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Get accurate personalized horoscopes on your mail along with remedies.

Personal Consultation

Personal Consultations one-on-one the ancient vedic way from the scriptures as well as remedial solutions for your problems for better life.


Career and Job

Consultations regarding your career and job opportunities as well as remedial solutions for problems.


Love Horoscope

Consultations regarding your loved ones, marriage, divorce and remedial solutions for your problems.


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